New to group

Well not really new to be honest! I used to join in a lot about 10 years ago and then life took over. My husband died leaving a teenager to bring up ( a book in itself) I’ve now got secondary progressive ms which has marched mercilessly on, I’ve had to retire early from the career that defined me as a person and I’ve moved from Bristol to my home town near Manchester to live with my twin sister and her husband. I’ve always always been positive about having ms and carried on my life but it’s got worse and it just feel like it’s taken over. I’ve got a scooter which gets me to the park to throw a ball for the dog, but I have to have a wheelchair for shopping etc and I HATE it. I hate being lower than everyone else and only being able to see things at eye level and bumping into things . I’ve got permanent double vision and I’m losing the use of my writing hand. The normal me is outgoing, independant , funny and kind and now I feel I am just a helpless useless list of symptoms. And my hair needs cutting. I’d love to say that’s the end of my moaning, but that would be a lie.

MS gets right on my nerves!

Gets on mine too…welcome back.

Jan x