New to forum and Campath

Hello there,

I’m Loubie, I’m 39 and was diagnosed with agressive RRMS in 2009. I was put on Tysabri straight away which worked well enough at first, but I started to get breakthrough relapses so my neuro put me on Campath (which 5 day course I finished last Friday).

I seem to be very lucky in that I have no rashes or bruises (in fact, it was the steroids that caused me more problems during treatment so I only had them twice). I get tired very easily at the moment (guessing my body is still in a ‘WTF!?!’ phase) and I get MS symptoms which last for a few seconds or minutes but then seem to be ‘batted’ away.

It’s vey early days and I’m really hoping this works. I am interested hearing from anyone else here who has had Campath therapy.

Be well,


Hi Loubie,

I had my first course of Campath in July this year, and like you, I didn’t get any rashes or bruising. Straight after the treatment, I was tired, but since then, I’ve had no more relapses (touch wood) and I feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time. Plus my blood count is pretty much back to normal.

I’m a total fan - Campath has given me my life back. Still get symptoms I had before the treatment, but without relapses thrown in.