Campath or Tysabri?

Any advice on which of the above disease modifying drug peeps have tried and if they have worked, side effects etc.

These are the 2 I have been given leaflets on. Diagnosed in 2011 with relapsing remittance and presently take pregabalin… what for I dont really know… Have had 2 relapses in the past 5 months and would be grateful for any help.

Have you modified anything else? Diet? Supplements? Lifestyle? Or are you just relying on the pregablin?

Hi I’ve just started on tysabri , no problems so far there is a great group on Facebook , Have pud you Gray

Sorry pm’d you Lol

Hi Pink69!

I had my first round of Campath, 9-13 September 2013 after a major relapse in June.

Personally, I experienced no horrible side effects and I’m virtually back to normal. Whether my poor brain has benefited from the drug, Alemtuzumab is yet to be established. I’m due my second round of Campath anytime now and am awaiting the letter in the post. After that, an MRI is planned, so we’ll see what that shows.

I go to the surgery for a monthly blood test and, so far, nothing abnormal has been detected. Apparently, according to my MS Nurse, monthly blood tests will continue for 3 years following infusion.

If you decide to go with Campath, post me anytime, if you want more information.

Good luck

Tracyann xx