help with treatment option


I have been diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS 13 years ago. I have been on tysabri for about 10 years. My recent consultant has said I should may be change drug. I have been told I am probably now secondary progressive. My consultant thinks this drug is masking relapses so still relapsing remitting. Confused! I have deteriorated in my mobility and have gone from no sticks to 2 crutches and wheelchair.

She thinks I should try Campath.

Any advice on anyone that has had it and results, life disruption and taking it 13 years on my diagnosis



Hi Amyl Here’s a ((bump )) as I am undiagnosed, am absolutely positive some great advice will come your way. Michelle x

hi amy

i’ve heard only good things about campath.

good luck with whatever you decide to do

carole xx