Campath aka. Alemtuzumab. Don't be scared- it's fine!!

Today (14/9) is my first day back after a week in hospital having Campath. It was my first session and I wanted to post my experience to the forum to assure other potential recipients. I was initially very apprehensive about the prospect of receiving Campath, but having survived virtually unscathed, I have absolutely no regrets. If anyone is awaiting this treatment and has any questions, please let me know; I’ll be happy to help, if I can. Tracyann xx

All I can say is that you is one lucky soul lass! I am on Tysabri and have to go to the hospital every 4 weeks for an infusion, with Campath ya don’t have to and that is why I think I would far rather be on it than Tysabri altjough Tysabri has worked remarkably well for me. All the best to you on your journey with Campath and that you get the benefits from it that I have had from Tysabri :slight_smile:


Great news Tracyann

I’m due to start on Gilenya (soon, the hospital says!) but if that doesn’t work for me and the Campath trial is still open to me then I would consider trying that next.

Tracey x

Hi Andy (Chubbster). Another gent on Tysabri! Didn’t appreciate that Campath seems to be like gold dust. I met a lovely lady during my stay, who was on Tysabri. She was on her 54th session! Her MS journey has been truely hideous, but since she has been on Tysabri, she’s doing fantastic. I was blown away! Although her initial presentation was a lot worse than mine, my Neurologist said, " We need to hit this hard"(my MRI scan looks like S*!?) , so I went straight to Campath. She did initially scare me because she suggested that whilst she can step up to Campath, I cannot step down to Tysabri. That scared the hell out of me. However, my MS nurse contradicted that, so if this doesn’t work, I may have to step onto the Tysabri train. But, so far, so good, although I have developed a bloody irritating earache and feel like I have now been hit by a freight train (several times over). Anyway, Andy stay with it. I’m firing lots of positive energy in your direction! Stay happy and healthy. Love from Tracyann xx ps. Campath is being relicensed for MS, so it should be available for any suitable candidates ( as long as your Healthcare Trust is prepared to pay for the increased cost of it. That’s right isn’t it?

Hi Tracey (Elmo) Met another lady whose on Gilenya. Again, her presentation is markedly different to mine and she walks with a stick. And, on top of that, she also has Rheumatoid Arthritis. She’s doing really well on Gilenya and is very happy with her progress. It’s great that we have these treatments available to us! Thank God. The two Gilenya ladies who were in for the day were very well monitored. Apparently. the drug company that makes it, assigns a specialist nurse to continually monitor patients during the treatment. Very impressive! Anyway, lots of positive energy heading your way. Best wishes from Tracyann xx