CAMPATH My experience...

I was given Campath 3 months ago. I promised to report back and let you all know how it went.

FANTASTIC is the first word that comes to mind.

I went into Walton Hospital in Liverpool for 5 days and was given this drug IV each day.

I had no bad reaction to the drug.

Within a couple of weeks I was beginning to feel so much better.

I have more energy, am able to walk short distances without a stick and feel great!

I am due to have another treatment next year.

Not sure if everyone can have this drug. I have RRMS since 1997.

But, if you’re offered it, jump at the chance.

I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Off out now to do some Christmas shopping…!

That is fantastic news, it is certainly good to hear that there is something out there that is having a positive effect on the MonSter.


Awesome news. Will keep an eye info relating to this treatment. :slight_smile:

I have a friend who has been on Campath since the trials - 7 years. She has had no relapses and no progression of symptoms.

That’s great news. I am glad it is doing the trick for you.



hello fififlower just registered to ask you a question i have ms and attend the walton centre i see doctor wilson and the ms nurses dont take any medication yet but have various problems do you no how i would go about getting campath have heard lots of good things about it cheers hope you can help

I have long thought that Campath is the best treatment available and your experience adds another pleasing anecdote. Nice to know it isn’t just effective for the newly diagnosed.

I hope the improvements keep coming.

That’s wonderful news! Congratulations

I hope it just keeps getting better and better

Karen x

Really glad you have had a positive experience. I’ve had 3 lots of Campath and have had just one minor relapse since my first treatment in 2007. I hope you continue to benefit.