new symptoms

I was diagnosed with Ms nearly 2 years ago.. and I have been takig avonex for just over a year.. Today  experianced severe dizziness and extremely bad headaches for the first time, the dizzinesss and loss of balance happened on several occasions throughput the day ad caused me to leave work early?

Is this a new remittence???


Hard to say if it is the beginning of a new relaspe or not. Technically a relapse is the apperance of new symptoms or the worsening of old ones that last longer than 24 hours and aren't caused by an infection, heat or other cause.

It could be a migraine. I get them and can get very dizzy with them. Or you may be starting a cold or flu bug.

It is so hard not to blame everything on the MS but remember that we also get sick with all the normal stuff too :-).

Wait and see how you are tomorrow and if no better see your GP to rule out non-MS stuff and then if everything is OK on that front, ring your MS Nurse.

Hope you feel better soon,


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