? New symptom

Hi everyone,

have been. Diagnosed for past 7 years ago. Have had a few relapses in this time, have been treated with DMD over this time. Was started on Tecfidera 8 months ago. Have been OK up until 6 weeks ago. Am now getting loads of pain in my arms, from the shoulder to the elbow. It’is worse when I try to reach out or behind when the pain becomes very intense. My regular Gabapentin with Naproxen doesn’t seem to manage it. Thought I might have slept funny initially but the problem is bilateral and on going.

Has anyone had problems with their arms? If so How did you manage this?


I get this as well, it’s been slowly getting worse over the past 5 months or so. Intend to find they’re worse at night, I guess after being ‘busy’ throughout the day? I find my right arm worse and it feels like a dull ache when I’m washing my hair in the shower, I tried using just my left hand this morning- ney good! :-/

My MS Nurse knows, but im think im going to update and see if any form of physio would help. It sucks as im also struggling a bit with the use of my right hand and again, my fingers can feel painful at the end of the day.

Sorry I’m not much use, but just wanted to say you’re not alone

L xx