Has anyone else experienced theses symptoms?

Hi there,

I have been in Limboland for many years now. I won’t bore you with full medical history blur. Most recent symptoms have ocurred with my arms and legs.

I have ongoing spasms, and pains in my legs etc, but over the past few months my arms (from elbows to finger tips) have caused me great pain, and limited movement, for example, the pain feels like my bones are on fire, and my arms hurt to touch (bruised like feeling). Hands and fingers are swollen, tingly, and I find it difficult to pick things up. The biggest observation is when I attempt to eat and drink - I almost have to move my arm in a mechanical way, it doesn’t allow me to pick up a cup, I have to raise my elbow out to the side and slowly move my arm inwards to avoid it locking and then the pain comes at full force.

My legs have become heavier than ever. Most recent (new) symptom was last week while in bed. I woke in excrutiating pain in my left leg just above my knee to my upper thigh. it felt like a tight band on my leg/muscle - totally scared the life out of me because I was unable to feel it despite the pain! and couldn’t weight bare.

I know we all have different symptoms, but any support would be helpful if you have experienced any of the above. The delay to get dx is concerning me because i feel if i could just get on any kind of medication to help would at least enable me to get a sense of ‘stalling’ the pain in to further progression. I have definately got worse over the past couple of months.

PS headaches have increased along with cognitive/memory element too! hey ho!

love to all xx

Hi Bee

Yes to your symptoms, but I will say that after an initial problem with moving my right arm, things have got better for me in that respect. If I move my forearm into my chest then my forearm seems to go tight above my elbow and the tendons in my hand want to clench a fist. Before that I had a “mechanical” issue trying to position my arm/ hand to pick something up.

I dont know / remember if this is how it should go, but it feels weird. I have been getting a pain in my right leg, having a tight muscle, but the neuro dismissed this as having any relevance to ms. So even though I think/ know it is, it is being dismissed.

I am in limbo, waiting I guess for a big relapse to happen, then whoever is concerned might then look at dxing me further. I’m on no drugs or anything. Just ensuring that I take 5000 ui of vitmin D, cod liver oil tablet, taking magnesium tablet for stiffness and pain in my legs and eating more healthier, where possible.

I fear that my neuro has an incline that I may have PPMS and is waiting to give me the bad news on my next appointment with them. The only results I have had is from a MRI which has shown lesions on brain and spine which is “suggestive” of MS

All the best

Hi, I also have swollen painful fingers that don’t work properly. I take gabapentin which stopped the tingling and i do hand exercises every day to try to keep them mobile but by the end of the evening they are painful, stiff and not much good for anything. I also feel as if there is a tight vice around my wrists and knee which restricts the range of movement. I have been diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome and have brain lesions. When I had a relapse recently (hadn’t got over my first set of symptoms so it doesn’t count as a second episode) all of my limbs felt soooo heavy but that is now improving as my fatigue and balance improves too. I am also mainly numb up my right side having initially been numb up my left side. I’m not sure if that helps at all, but you are not alone. I was put on gabapentin for the nerve pain in hospital. Maybe your Gp could help?