new symptom

hi everyone,

over the last 2-3 weeks i have developed this horrendous back ache that comes around my sides to just under my rib cage, it is agonising especially when i get up after sitting or from bed and walking to far. the pain around my mid rif is like someone has a rope and they are twisting it tighter and tighter. the back ache feels like deep in my bacl almost like my spine hurts, any ideas before i go to the doctors.

Sounds like the cuddly seeming, actually horrendous MS hug.

I don’t know exactly what can be done for it. If it’s a relapse, steroids might help. If it’s not, then maybe something like Pregabalin, maybe Amitriptyline?

Yes, see your doctor. Edited, I’ve just seen you’re PPMS, so not a relapse, still see your doctor, maybe some neuropathic pain killers?


hi sue im on both of those but there is room to increase the dose i have been trying to avoid going back to drs but its getting beyond being able to ignore the pain.

hi drummer boy

if it’s the ms hug, you need muscle relaxants - diazepam maybe.

talk to your doctor.

it’s a complicated mess this ms.

carole x

Hi drummer I get the same neuro gave me clonazepam For night time spasms it certainly helps if I take one before bed I get a good night’s sleep and it’s usually clear for a while not had the hug for a few weeks I saw a differant gp who checked vit levels video d was low now taking 4000 ius and feeling better.

Well saw gp today he gave me a good examination, stomach, back lifting legs, strange thing on living on the bed I couldn’t lift my right leg an inch off the bed, he’s ordered water samples, blood tests for everything and an emergency Mri, given me butrans patches for the pain, I tried to explain to him about the hug but I don’t think he got what I was saying lol.


have u tried either heating or cooling the areas if you can?

or anti inflammatory cream around/on rib area?


Initially the gp gave me an inflammatory cream but the pain feels dealer than that I find it hard to explain but it feels more than just muscle pain, the pain around the waist I would describe as a rope being twisted tighter and tighter just under my rib cage. The back pain feels more like my spine goes into locking mode, when I get up from sitting down I can’t stand straight up I’m doubled over slowly straightening up