New site 2021

Yeah, yeah, yeah! You got a rat. Suits you Madam!

We’ll get the hang of this strange site. So far I pretty much hate it, but sshhh, don’t tell anyone… I hated the old site too at first and went on the missing list for a very long time. So long that I didn’t know anyone when I came back (except Val and George) and no one remembered me at all.

I will try my hardest to keep dropping in. My eyes are buggered at the moment, so it’s hard - but little by little I’ll try.

One thing I just remembered is to space out the text. If we all do that (and turn down the light on our hardware) it will help. I hope.

Sue :hibiscus: :wilted_flower: :sunflower: :cat2: :rhinoceros: :kangaroo: :duck: :shushing_face: :upside_down_face: :nerd_face: :laughing: :smirk_cat: :kissing_heart:

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Sue, please dont go away.

I am finding this site ridiculously hard to use. I cannot post anything. I have been in tears tonight. Just trying to post. Soooo hard.


Yep, I also think that users should have more options about design of the website. It can be not so easy to make a reliable design for a website, if developers do not have enough feedback from regular users. It’s pretty important for developing process to get feedback about different features. You can take a look at this link to understand what responsible and reliable software developers should be look like. They are professionals of app developing sphere of business.

Don’t worry, right now I’m going nowhere. Nor should you. Eventually we’ll get the hang of the new site. It just takes us (some of us :upside_down_face:) a bit longer than non-MSers!!

Just keep popping back a little at a time. Chances are that each time you come back a) you learn something new and b) it seems a bit more familiar, thus you are more comfortable with it.

I am about to PM Oliver to ask about the brightness. I’ve just turned it on and straight away my eyes feel scratchy, tired and slightly hurting. And that’s with night mode turned on and the text at its largest!


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Hi Doc Tom, I am really sorry to hear about what’s happened to you - what a shock! You are handling it really well - I think sense of humour is hard to keep but precious to have. :mask: Lockdown even harder to keep a sense of humour…

Hi Anne

You did manage to post in the end! The site seems to require you to log in every time you use it. Only if you are logged in will it let you post. Maybe that is where you are having difficulty? It threw me for a while!

Hi Ziola, yes I did! I had to ask for help from Nora’s Mum.

I was signed in. Each time. My friend, a wizard with computers tried on my behalf too. Even he couldn’t post!! We kept getting a message (can’t remember what it was now). We gave up. Then suddenly we did what we had been doing and we didn’t get the message and I was able to post. very strange.

Thanks for contacting me. Enjoy yr day.


i just found your message did you write it into the NEW SITE 2021 OR am i going nuts.

anyway you would be better off in introductions hun.

Hey Doc Tom when i went blind in 2000 twice my GP said nothing to worry about it was probably the heat lol, i kid you not. anyway 2007 still undiagnosed i had VEP which showed positive for ON, and slowing thing in the brain to the optic nerve. several years on and progressing nicely, tests with lesions etc, muddied water LP, and then another VEP in 2015 i was diagnosed in early 2016 with progressive MS.

I had given up a good career i loved, my husband tried to help me i wasnt so bad as i kept chickens to keep me moving about. so anyway retirement age we were going to buy a bungalow and just chill out and go on holidays, 2017 my husband passed away with sepsis from his COPD he had gone to see a bungalow. so now i am living in a small bungalow in sheltered on my own with my memories (i lost my beloved mother in 2016), my daughters have their own lives, then we got hit with covid. who isnt depressed lol. I even ended up being told i had TEA. transient epileptic amnesia. now that is freaky lol.

anyway go to forum and choose introduction and i would post there. nince to meet you.

It’s cold and bold.
Not a warm welcoming feel.
Too much info on each page, confusing and off putting.
That’s just my initial opinion though !

hi NM i am getting used to it. the go too is the top right corner ok. the 4 horizontal lines, click and find out where new posts and replies are.

the new replies are bottom so you scroll up not down. i know designed by a man obviously ha ha.

you can close the right side pane which shows what your typing. i find it a nuisance and not sure why we need that. it would be gentler on the eyes if it wasnt all bordered white. Grey would be easier or something. Like on facebook you can choose your own backgrounds.

i am actually getting whizzy with it now. but its still not perfect but i can find my replies better. xxxx

I totally agree with NorasMom! I have been a lurker for a long time, and I have recently registered an account, and I have to tell you that this new interface is pretty bad actually, the older one was way more pleasant to the eyes. The thing is, the worse looking is the site, the less users are going to access that certain website, and that is exactly why the bad interface might actually affect the search engine optimization in a really bad way, and you will have to work a lot on it in order to reduce the “damages”. By the way, I have read a great article about marketing on reddit, and the author was telling that building links on quora and reddit is actually the most effective strategy for seo nowadays, so you can use it for your own website as well.

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truthfully i cant remember what the old one was like. i like this one as i can add photos so easy, and quote easy too.

I found this the other day on my older computer lol. its from 2017 MS AWARENESS.



Nice cartoon CC.


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Unfortunately the aren’t going to do anything about the site, they are just ignoring any complaints.
I dont bother coming on here half as much as I used to.

It’s just not the same anymore.