New prescription

Hello all, I’m newly diagnosed (R.R) and they’ve put me on some tabs. Carbamazepine.

Has anyone else been prescribed this? It obviously differs person to person but I feel so dizzy and been feeling sick all day today They said they would put me on something non-drowsy and I’ve felt quite drowsy all day. Hopefully it’s because it’s my first week on them?

Tell me how you felt? Are you still on them?

I took carbamazepine a while back, when a relapse was causing nasty stabbing nerve pain. They worked well and really took the edge off it. However, they did knock me sideways with tiredness - far worse than any MS fatigue I have had so far.

When the relapse receded, I stopped taking them. Most likely, my system would have learned to deal with them better if I had needed them for longer. So, good drugs, but not free of side effects (but please show me the good drug that is free of unwanted sides!) :slight_smile: I would certainly go on them again if I needed them.

I hope they do what you need them to do.