new practise

I just been to see the new practise nurse, what I difference, she listened , she read my notes, I was in there for over 1hr, as she said Ive got to stop fighting for a dx and trying to get well, its going to be a long term illness, she agreed spinal syrinx needs to be looked at by neuro surgeon, she really fell over herself to get me the help I so badly need, see new gp monday


At last!!!

Karen x

like you say at last, what Im going to do now is make sure not one person has to go through what I have hence the new facebook page, Im still reasonably intelligent and ive got a mouth,onwards and upwards

so glad for you Lally xxxxxx it’s all making me feel so angry - that people are left to suffer feeling unsupported by doctors etc


hoping to get the right dx, according to the practice nurse, my previous gps notes leave alot to be desired, no tests were ever noted or followed up, on explaining my brain seizure she d put headache, I been told I need numerous specialist appointments, the practise nurse had asigned me a good gp, and has told the reception as I have a chronic illness to request double appointments, so hopefully finally after 3yrs Ill get some answers, only for spilling my guts on here Id have gone completly loopy and for that Im forever in you debt