New ms nurse

I recently moved to a new area and have got a new ms nurse but we don’t seem to get on she just didn’t seem to listen to what I was telling her and wasn’t very helpful she upset me more than anything to be fair she told me within 10-15 years that my life will dramatically change due to the ms I’m just wondering if this is true she also basically was like I don’t no why your complaining you can still walk bear in mind I walk with the help of my husband as a walking stick hurts my hand also I use a wheelchair when we go out as I can only walk a bit but she didn’t understand that I am in constant pain also how come all the nhs hospitals are different when both were in North Yorkshire I’m having a moan and sorry to all but I am sick of it they would treat a bit of poo on their shoe better than they do also do you think it’s worth going private health care Thanks Sherrie xx

Sherrie, Hi. Know what you mean, I’m down south and iv got one that is very difficult to talk to, the thing is they spend so much time working with it they start to know how you feel better than you do, (they think) at first she spoke to me like there’s nothing wrong with you the way you walked in here, what you talking about I can hardly bloody walk, 2years on, she was right, I was pretty good back then, just wished I had one I could chat to, got to know her better now, and she is helpful, when she feels I need it, so mabe give her a chance, mabe it’s a tuff job? Mine has been nurse over 20years so?? (Mabe bored) or dedicated? Good luck.