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Hi Everyone, Haven’t been on here for ages so hope you’re all coping as well as possible. I ws diagnosed in 2006 with RRMS, probable onset 1995. had another MRI in March which showed two new lesions, one in the pons and one in the right superior frontal gyrus. Does anyone know what these parts of the brain control or influence? Can find some info about the pons but not the other part. Am panicking a bit to be honest and feeling a bit down. Thanks. Marion

These links might help ?

There doesn’t seem to be a straight & simple answer.

I think Frontal Gyrus has something to do with the sensory system

Pons is located within the actual Brain Stem I think. ?

I heard this when my sister had her bad attack last year, it struck in the brain stem, and her consultant mentioned the Pons, it was a very nasty attack, the consultant did say though that an attack in the brain stem is fairly rare, however due its function, attacks in the brain stem can be devastating.

At the time of my sisters attack, the consultant likened it to, throwing a dart, hitting the bullseye, then your second dart lands in the flights first dart, and then your third dart does exactly the same, lands in the flights of the second dart.

He had never seen an attack hit such a critical part of the brain stem.

Thanks for this information. A few of the symptoms associated with brainstem lesions do sound like my problems, particularly balance problems. Your sister’s relapse sounds horrible. I hope she managed to feel better.


Sadly, I can’t help with the brain stuff, but physio might be able to improve those balance issues. I found these core stability exercises really made a difference and that was only doing the most basic options. Whatever you can manage is a lot better than doing nothing.

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She was in hospital for almost 7 months, she still has no bladder or bowel control, her balance is terrible, walking is sort of returning but only a very awkward shuffle, and with a zimmer frame.

Initially after the attack, all she could do was move her right wrist, couldn’t speak or swallow, she was tube fed for months.

Her confidence, like most with MS was low anyway, but now its non existence.

Every time she builds up a bit of confidence she either falls or her incontinence knocks her back.

She took a nasty tumble a couple of weeks ago, trying to get up off the settee without help, ended up with 2 black eyes, cut lip, forehead & cheek.

I do wonder about your sister from time to time. I’m very glad to know her progress. Indeed that she has had some progress. It’s horrible the damage bloody MS can do, randomly, just out of nowhere.

I know she’s not a forum member (at least I don’t think so, judging from your posts), but please let her know there are people thinking about her and wishing her some continued recovery.




She’s not on here, I have told her about the site and how it can help, even just reading other peoples posts can sometimes help, without actually getting involved…

I get the sneaky feeling that she has a little peek now and then though.

Sometimes when I see her I worry that perhaps I might be following the same MS path, I guess its only natural to think like that though ?

But in a crazy sort of way I sometimes think I’m “safer” by being SPMS and perhaps have less chance of suffering one of those devastating relapses, rather than being RR as she is.

If that makes sense

As ever thank you for your kind words and thoughts .

I think you’re right about being safe as SPMS. That’s what I felt until last year when I had another brt*rd relapse, then another. Luckily not severe. But enough to take me from the relative safety of SP and back into the danger zone of Progressive Relapsing. Then back into the world of DMDs, and being me, back into the realms of unusual side effects. I’m just in the middle of deciding that irrespective of my MRI marathon due tomorrow, I’ll be saying no to Ocrevus.

I do think about your sister, and I bet I’m not the only one. We are all only as good as our last relapse / our current level of disability. Her relapse was the worst I’ve heard of for a while. So do let her know that we care, we are all members of the same MS family.

If she ever decides, yes, I’ll dip my toe into the water of the Forum, she doesn’t have to ‘come out’ as your sister, she’s an individual snowflake just like us all. And would be very welcome.


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Thank you Sue