New Lesion and Copaxone

Hi everyone. Would really appreciate your thoughts on the following please.
I’ve been on Copaxone since 2018. Had an MRI last summer on my head which showed one new lesion - which I know is not a big deal, but I do feel I’ve gone downhill in the last year or so. Mentioned this at an MS Nurse appmt in Nov and asked if that meant the Copaxone wasn’t working. The resonpse was the consultant is guided by symptoms and not the MRI that I had. Now I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this please as I’m actually seeing the consultant this week. It feels to me that the new lesion and the rubbish way I’ve been feeling could mean the Copaxone is no longer effective… but maybe I’m making a fuss about nothing?

Thanks in advance for any feedback… much appreciated.

A new lesion is definitely one too many. In your shoes I would be pushing pretty hard for an upgrade.

I would’ve thought a moderately effective level drug could be offered to you? I know they can be more reluctant to offer the top effectiveness category but I think you should qualify for the middle with a new lesion and symptoms. I would have a read up before your appointment on the different drug options and then maybe just really emphasise that you’ve been feeling worse. In my opinion a stronger drug sounds like a sensible move if you feel like you’re declining, good luck xx

Thank you to both of you. I have been researching the mid effective DMTs and I, too, feel the consultant should be offering an upgrade. So as far as I’m concerned we’ll be having a serious conversation about it. Taking a friend with me , as hubby not available, so I’ll have a bit of moral support which will be helpful. Thank you both again for your thoughts - very helpful.

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