New Intolerances

Hello Hope everyone is as well as they can be on this cold wet day! Bit of a strange question…undiagnosed at the moment but since symptoms started 15 months ago I’ve been unable to wear my contact lenses. I’ve worn these for 14 years with no problems now they make me feel disorientated and uncomfortable. Eye hospital can’t find anything wrong with my eyes even though I have been experiencing double/blurred vision. I also can’t wear earrings anymore, although that isn’t too important!! But started at the same time and have had no problems all my life! Has anybody else experienced that their body started rejecting things that used to be no problem? Xx

Hello, that is odd about your contacts. Maybe your eys have become intolerant to contacts and you would be better with glasses. There are some really good frames now. I have some new ones in red and black, to match my hair!

I wonder why you can`t wear ear-rings anymore. Are your ear lobes sensitive to pain too?

My body has an intolerance to smaller sized clothes! LOL!

luv Pollx

Thank you both for your replies. They have tried me with different lenses but no difference at all. I will ask about Celluvisc Jennifer so thanks for that and the way you describe feeling disorientated a bit like feeling drunk is exactly the way I feel! It started after getting blurred vision, the eye clinic said I had allergic conjunctivitis and they gave me steroid eye drops then opatanol eye drops. Never had a problem before then but haven’t been able to wear my lenses for over an hour since. Thanks Poll, I’m gonna have a look for some cool frames at the weekend :slight_smile: . Earrings just cause irritation and scabs, ever silver ones! I know that’s a silly problem but I was just intrigued to see if anybody had the same problems! All very weird!! Thanks again x x x

I had the same problems in 2007. It was before I was diagnosed, but it was where we can pin-point things starting to go wrong. Within the space of 8 weeks I had a new nut allergy, pineapple allergy and all of my piercings started to reject. I can now only wear silver or stainless steel. I had quite a bad allergic reaction to hematite too, which is the black like coating on stainless steel or titanium.

A few months later I had some sort of infection in my right eye (used to wear contacts most days) which I was given steroids for.

When I went to my optician with my blurred vision last November, they couldn’t find any problems with it. The thought that something may have been wrong with the optic nerve and said that my vision was obviously blurred and my pupils were unusually dilated, and then gave me a letter to take to my local eye clinic at the hospital.

I hope this helps.