New hope

Hi long time since I was on here, but 5 weeks ago I had 8 steroid injections in my lower back for disc issues. then the week after I had 3 days of IV steroids for a relapse with my MS. no sooner a week after finishing them I came down with Shingles. I was wondering can the Shingles wipes out any work that the Steroids had started to heal… I feel totally washed out utterly so limp & all I want to do is sleep. My mind is num been having problems with cognition issues for a few months but put that down to not using my brain as much as I used to do .I find the afternoon the worst part of my day, because hubby has been home for his lunch the dogs have been fed, so they contented.

I start to feel useless that Im no go to anyone after having MS for 13 yrs you think by now that I have go used the condition but not really . I am on antidepressants have been for many years but if I talk to family they say stop being sorry for yourself there’s worse people off in this world. I know this you only have to look on the news or turn the radio on to now but that wont take my problems away it will it. Sorry friends just unloading may be it is the rough 5 weeks Ive had that making be feeling like this , I what to start a new hobby of quilting but can’t afford the materials yet.

Thanks for listening I look forward to your replies


Hello jaspher66,

A new hobby of quilting is wonderful idea. My mother did a course and goes to shows etc.,.

After such an awful illness you must still need a good rest. Your GP is the best one to talk to -

could phone and leave a message about the concerns you’ve mentioned here?

Better to get expert advice on Shingles, all I know is it’s a virus that hides in your body and gets active

when you immune system is down. I guess the steroids affected that.

Can your family or friends help you get started with your hobby?

Have you got any books or are there any online courses?

You could draw out some designs, if you had some colours and a sketch pad.

I’m doing an oil painting course - just love it messing about with paints.

And they have a very chatty facebook page too.

It’s a pity the MS Society doesn’t do arts and crafts, I think it would be a busy group.

All the best,