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Hi there, thought I’d better introduce myself. I’ve just been Dx with MS 2 weeks ago after 12 years of weird symptoms, the first one being optic neuritis. Been seeing ENT dept for the last 2 years about vertigo and balance problems (which incidentally had disappeared since I became pregnant April 2012) had an MRI in Feb after my son was born. Saw them again in May & they told me they were some weird kind of migraine. I then got a letter to see neurology in July, I happened to be having one of these vertigo/balance episodes at the time, the first since I had my son, they did some tests & told me it was MS, the MRI showed several lesions. I was quite shocked as I wasn’t expecting it, the neurologist said that steroids may be helpful during these particular episodes but as I am breastfeeding is not an option at the moment, they told me an MS nurse would contact me in the next few weeks. I actually rang the MS Society helpline last week for a chat as I was so confused & have so many questions, they gave me my nurse’s phone number, rang her but she’s on holiday for a couple of weeks. Anyway, that’s my story, sorry for rambling. Kate x

Hello, Just wanted to say welcome to the forum xx Sam :slight_smile:

Hi Kate, welcome to the forum

Sharon xx

Hi Kate - welcome x