New Here :D

Hi there,

Clearly I am new here, last March, I was 29, I was diagnosed with RR MS.
It was a really really quick process, I showed what was to me, my first symptoms. Loss of co-ordination, balance, eyesight, speech on a Friday and was booked in to the same day assessment department for the Monday.

I already had a lot of CT’s/MRI’s growing up as I suffered a fairly traumatic head injury whilst playing rugby, so I guess they had some reference points to go from.

I went from having no idea what was going on that Friday, to Monday afternoon being told I have MS, a really quick escalation and from what I can see, a journey that is really very quick.

Until recently I didn’t particularly have any issues dealing with it in my mind, but its just started to really sink in I guess.

I’m on Pregabalin as a pain killer and Brabio 40 as my DMT, although I have another MRI next month to check is any new instances have occurred as I had what was suspected to be Optic Neuritis a few months ago, the idea is to change my DMT to something stronger.

Anyway, Hi everyone! I look forward to getting involved and interacting.

Hey doodle star :star:

I’m new here too since yesterday
That sounds quick for all your assessments and treatment plan
How the the DMT going
I have episodes that hit
But I have all time the weakness in my legs
Pins and needles and burning buttocks ( how lovely)
Have your symptoms reduced
Can you work
I’m off work at min but I’m a MH nurse so I want to get back when my symptoms are stable

Anyway hello and nice to chat


Hey Shelly,

Yeah it was super quick, really oddly so. Grateful but I guess I didn’t have time to contemplate that I might have it beforehand.

What’s your journey been like so far?

The DMT is okay, unsure if it works so far really but it is what it is for now.

I am working yes, luckily I have a job which is both easy enough to do from a physical perspective and my employers are great. At any point if I say I can’t work then they are super supportive, can’t thank them enough really. I also now mostly work from home, again, lucky enough to have that as an option.

My dads an MH work so i guess I sort of get the stresses it can put you under, more so if you have a more depending client base.

Well… the numb Bum sounds nice :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:.

Lovely to meet you

Hey doodle star

Well I need lumbar puncture doing but my neurologist left as only locum so I am now offered to another who needs to see me in clinic before the procedure
End of sept , so I’m head fried as that’s ages away
I have had three Episodes today and when they hit they are damn painful and left me with headache

My work are supportive but well-being physian says work is good for you
But whilst this is going on I can’t see how I can , I don’t want to be in a patients house and have an episode where I’m rubbing my leg frantically and growling and groaning in pain

Ps the bottom deal is no fun

What symptoms are you experiencing


That’s so rubbish for you.

My LP happened pretty quickly and it’s sucks the process is taking some time for you :frowning:

Your symptoms sound rubbish, hopefully it can all get sorted and you’ll have the right treatments soon.

I suffer from fatigue a lot, aphasia is a constant pain in the ass. Considering my job is entirely based around talking, it’s somewhat irritating. Pain all the time. Mostly managable with Pregabalin.

I was getting phases where i lost control of the right side of my body, couldn’t hold a phone up, talk or walk, so I would just fall over if I was out walking but that’s fine now.

I really hope things get better and sorted for you soon, they will, everything gets better in the end :slight_smile: