Hello Jon north east

Good morning all - I just wanted to say hello ! - I’ve recently been admitted to hospital twice both with what i term a mini re lapse and then a significant relapse with lots of symptoms, my consultant has said they have diagnosed me with R+R -MS.

I am due for 1 more scan and then a consultant meeting at the end of June and they have said they will be looking to start me on DMT treatment.

Since My second admissions I have experienced so much more symptom wise and also just trying to find out what the norm is so it’s really confusing and challenging at the minute, I’m sure you have all faced and experienced your own challenges.

I’m 41 and a father kf 3 young children, I feel that the future is going to be brighter and hold different challenges but will require some changes definitely for me.

Currently in having issues with mobility (distance) and cognative function along with pins and needles in my soles and fingers :man_facepalming:t2: but I’m sure I’ll get it all sorted.

Anyway HI :wave: and I hope to speak to people more over the coming months .


MS can arrive stealthily or with a bang - I’m not sure there’s a normal, really.

I am sorry that you are having such a torrid time of it. I hope that things settle down soon and that you get yourself on an effective DMT quickly. They really can stop even very active RRMS in its tracks, as I know from my own experience.

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