New drug promotes re-myelination

This weeks Pathways mag - fromMS-UK. [page 51] QUOTE

American scientists have created a new experimental MS Drug which is structurally similar to the two female hormones estradiol and estriol [we have discussed these last year]. These can promote remylenation in an animal model of MS. The new drug - NDC-1308 - promotes the growth of mature oligodendrocytes [cells that make myelin]

The similarity to the two female hormones is significant because it is known that MS symptoms tend to lessen during the last three months of pregnancy when pregnant women’s levels of estradiol are rising and estriol is produced in significant amounts. ND C-1308 is a small molecule that readily crosses the blood brain barrier, allowing it to reach the tissues in the brain and spinal cord where promoting myelin production is needed.

[me now] l can’t remember who the member was who did bring up the subject of Estriol. l did ask my GP - but just got the poo-poo response. So l did google it at the time - and yes - there was info about estriol. So you all know me by now - l looked it up and ordered from amazon estriol cream - which you massage into the torso daily. Boobs/belly/thighs. [Now don’t get all un-neccessary Wb] l did think after a couple of weeks that l felt ‘different’ - but once l had finished the bottle l did not replace it. Cost the main reason - about a £1 aday. Might be worth showing your GP the article - especially if you are on HRT - or thinking of going onto HRT. Estriol is the safest one.

l did read on google - that some neuros were putting newly diagnosed pwms on it straight away.

Food for thought.


hmmm. quite a shopping list i’ve got for my next appointment with my neuro!

lts worth googling to get more info - l think l shall be ordering some more - only used it for a month - and did think l felt ‘in a good place’ and then wondered if it was wishful thinking. This was last year. l hope the person who brought up the subject last year will respond. There has been a lot of coming and going on this forum - so many of the ‘old brigade’ no longer subscribe.

Me - well - always optimistic - always looking for the holy grail.

l do know that Estriol is a natural HRT.

…so, it seems to be very gender-specific ??


(…as if my ‘wishful thinking’ needed any kind of dampening!! )

Dom - You will have to search for your feminine side.

‘Now where did you put it?’

It was sewingchick, I think. Lets see if anyone else has tried xx

I’m going straight from here to the Jungle.As I’ll be rubbing it all over,will my Feminine side show anywhere in particular? Will it be worth me heading to the ‘underwire section’.

As my normal abnormality is pretty stable at the moment I’ll know if there are any effects.

Thanks for that.Should I go for flesh coloured?

Wb x

Done and done.Wish I could still walk,there’s some lovely stuff around…Remember Dick Emery,not the skinhead?

Wb x

Love the abnormal normality Wb. Sums it up perfectly x

OOOOOH! YOU ARE AWFUL - But l like you.

My GP referred me to a seemingly very knowledgable gynaecologist. He said he always puts female MS patients on HRT when they reach the menopause, because estrogen has a protective effect on myelin. However, his view was that there are so many changes to women’s bodies in pregnancy that there is no particular reason why estriol should be the magic thing. I gave up the idea of trying estriol but will definitely be asking my neuro about this drug so thanks for the post.

Very interesting…I started to go secondary progressive at the time of my menopause and have often thought there was a connection.