Rubbing it in!!

We have talked about the hormone Bi-Estro Care Cream - Estriol - Estradiol. And seen that some GP’s will prescribe it for pwms.

lts a natural hormone that is produced when women are pregnant. And working on the theory that many pwms find their ms went into remission when they were pregnant.

This leaves out the boys. [Although Wb - is rubbing it into his thighs right now!] So whether it works on the men - we shall find out.

l used it for about 3months - then did not re-order it. But now l have decided to give it a better chance and have purchased enough to keep me going for quite a while. You apply a small dot - twice a day - rubbing it into your breast/chest thighs - rotating the area each day. l am also putting a smear on my face as l read that it was excellent for ‘regenerating’ the skin.

Estriol is described as the safest natural HRT.

Hopefully, l shall be a new woman. l feel better already -just thinking about it.

You planning on starting your own MS Treatment factory are you, Frances? First BG12 and now Estriol…

Don’t think you are qualified to be A) doing this to yourself but hey, that’s your problem

but more importantly B) you are definitely NOT qualified to be brandishing this sort of crackpot theory around as if it has some basis in medicine.

Estriol is currently only in Phase 11 trials and even then in conjunction with Copaxone. It is an oral med not a skin preparation. It is only licenced for sale as a skin preparation for the treatment of menopausal hot flushes. Doubt that Wb is suffering from that…

Seriously Frances??? WTF???


Hi Spacejacket,

I got this just yesterday, I ordered it after reading wb’s comment. First I asked my GP for the HRT pill of it (I am on HRT - but a different one, I had wondered if I could swop). Anyway he told me that the Estriol HRT pill is only given to women who had a hysterectomy.

We will both be new women !

Moyna xxx

I think you’re both mad!

But, it’s your life and up to you to weigh up the risks and make your choice.

You have looked into the risks, haven’t you? And how it interacts with any other medication (prescribed or otherwise) you’re taking? As I said, it’s your life and your health. Only you know how bad your symptoms are and what chances you’re prepared to take to get some relief. I can’t judge you at all - no one knows what it’s like to be you.

I hope the cream works, and your life with MS makes a nice upwards turn for a change. We could all do with that, and a good dose of hope!

take care,



Estriol should be used with caution in: women who have or have had unusual growth of the lining of the womb (endometrial hyperplasia), asthma,circulatory diseases, kidney disease, fitting (epilepsy), gallstones, high blood pressure, migraine headache, diabetes, deafness caused by thickened eartissue, the rare disease systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), fibroids(growths) in the womb (uterus), endometriosis (tissue that lines the womb grows in other areas outside the womb), patients with high levels ofcholesterol in their blood (hypercholesterolaemia), women with relatives who have had blood clots, women with blood clotting problems requiring treatment with warfarin, women using a barrier method of contraception includingcondoms or a diaphragm, women whose close relatives have had breast cancer or cancer of the lining of the womb, patients who are overweight, women who have had one or more miscarriage, women who are not very active because of major surgery, injury or illness.

It should not be used in: women who have an allergy to estriol, soya or peanuts or to any other ingredients in the medicine, angina (a heartcondition), women who have had a heart attack or blood clot (thrombosis),heart disease, women who have had breast cancer, liver problems, women who have had cancer of other sex organs, unexplained vaginal bleeding, untreated unusual growth of the lining of the womb (endometrial hyperplasia), the rare condition porphyria, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Also see list of precautions and interactions

From the Boots website at WebMD

It doesn’t look at all safe or sensible to me. Using hormones without telling your GP is dangerous. These are all life-threatening conditions.

er, well maybe not breast feeding…

Does anyone really, really want to risk a thrombosis? Or breast cancer?

I am so naughty rubbing BiEstro into myself…If ANYBODY in this country can offer me anything which reduces the horrible 6 year pain in my feet,and gives me energy when damp weather and high pressure normally flatten me,then they can contact me when they are ready.I will argue toe to foot rest that I am driven to this by the complete lack of interest in people in my situation.Uterine cancer is a major concern and no doubt somebody will tell me all about asset shrinking,but their toes will shrink when I park 200kg of Veyron on their foot.

I don’t hear the thundering of boots as people rush to offer me their pills and potions to help me.If my body thinks it’s pregnant maybe that’s why my bladder is shot,but the plumbing solutions are improving and my feminine side will become even more effin’ apparent.I wonder what the drug companies and some in the medical profession will use to try and deter me…John hurt in Alien,enquiries by the CSA and death threats from Millie Tant.

I used to have a fine muscular chest,but if I end up with a different sort,who knows what might happen…I regard them as quite fabulous,and as for one of my own…I’d never go out again



i was going to offer a serious reply but your post made me laugh too much.

have fun on your nights in!

carole x


Wb, in spite of your belligerent tone and sarcasm I will offer you a ‘potion’ that may help. Presuming you have run the gamut of all the usual neuropathic pain relievers such as Lyrica, gabapentin, amytriptiline, carbamazapine etc you may want to discuss with your neuro the possibility of trying a Ketamine infusion.

I had this done a couple of years ago for severe intractable Central Pain Syndrome and it was the best thing ever. It was a 3 day infusion in hospital and I have been able to keep my pain under control since then with a really low dose of Lyrica and Tegretol. And I also have the relief of knowing that if the pain ever gets so severe again the option of further Ketamine is available to me.



At the end of the day, it’s your choice to make! Any misgivings I may have are irrelevant. I am not in your shoes, as they say. But as I lay awake not being able to sleep thanks to the lovely burning sensation in my feet remembering how desperate I felt when I had a knee problems I realised that I could be in a similar situation and would quite probably try anything!

I had torn cartilage in my knee and spent a couple of years getting painkillers from my GP. When he did refer me to a consultant it was over a year before I got a hospital appointment. On the joys of 1980s NHS. I sat in my car in a traffic jam, in tears and thinking about having a car crash to damage my knee, then I’d get it looked at in A&E.

I have thought that I didn’t have a realistic chance of understanding your choice. Then I realised, I do in a very small way.

wb, keep on wobbling on! I’d say you rock, but if you did you may, like me, end up in an elegant heap on the floor :slight_smile:

take care,


Well - how did that happen- now you are ‘belligerent boy’. And you have been recommended Ketamin [ now l thought that was for whores - ooh no sorry horses] ln the meantime - have fun and keep rubbing it in. Soon we shall be calling you


Frances, if your comment about “whores” was meant as a joke, it is in extremely poor taste and not what should be posted on this Forum. I’m sure it will have offended some people, it did me! Teresa xx

There is a pub called The Horse and Trumpet but it’s known locally as The Whore and Strumpet, now that is funny

The original post on ketamine was meant to be helpful so why the vitriol, Frances?

What the hell Frances?

You are in other words, calling Belinda a whore? She was trying to help. She’s also lived with unbearable pain and has gone through hell. If you ever bother to read her blog about Teficdera, you’d see that it’s been really difficult to cope with the side-effects.

As for the ketamine, it’s a drug that’s offered or accepted in case of unbearable pain. That doesn’t deserve to be mocked or belittled.

You know, I thought better of you. I’m disappointed.
If you read that advice from Boots, it was for women. If wb wants to rub it wherever rocks his boat, that his business. If it helps. all the better.

Wow calm down everyone its obv a tounge in cheek joke.

Back to the op.

I have read about this (can’t remeber where), but putting the body of a pwms into a “pregnant” state is said to keep ms relapses at bay. As it does with some women when they get pregnant while suffering ms.

I was hoping something like this could be the answer to slow ms down. Well in women anyway.


Jokes are only jokes when most people find them funny and in this case it is clearly NOT a joke. judging by the reaction. And as the person it was directed at I was offended not amused.

So as a ‘joke’ it was an epic fail.


My reply was meant to be light hearted - and l posted it because l was appalled to see someone call someone else - sarcastic and belligerent - which was very unfair and unjust. So when the horse sedative was mentioned - which is what ketamine is used for - l hoped by making light of it - it would calm down the rather harsh response that B gave. So now the rest of you have jumped in with even harsher remarks now aimed at me.

At least Darren understood the situation - and thank you Darren.

l usually ignore the Queen Victoria’s on here [l am not amused] - but l will not let people run rough-shod over someone who certainly does not deserve it.

ps. thanks for all the pm’s.

Looks like the right to self help is now questionable on here.As a totally unconnected thing,I’ve jumped ship onto another MS forum which has far superior little bits of attention to detail and when I work out how there is even the facility to upload a photo of my smiling grid to upset the locals.

Some of the locals are names from Ye Olde Boreds who didn’t like this place when it finally settled down after six months.Oh,a final thought is that I stand more chance of getting CCSVI treatment at Walton Neuro before Ketamin.This years’ 15 minutes of fame will probably be with one of the ‘Understrappers’ and not the ‘Proprietor of the Ivory Tower’,and he would say,“NEIGH” as would the Understrapper.

I’ve gone just as the old style blood letting is beginning again.Maybe it was the passion of Ye Olde Boreds that I felt was missing…It was a great spectator sport,

Keep your Pecker up and Powder Dry,

Be lucky,

Stephen xx

stephen- u r naughty! but then i also had time for joseph wouk because he was ‘interesting’. difference being i met him in person-one day it will be ur turn… x/