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Hi All,

Has anybody tried the Vegan diet?, i know a very popular diet currently, but I’ve heard good things for us guys with MS.

Im mobile, but not fantastically, and have heard i could see some improvements?, Am i wasting my time, or should i stick with it?, the way i see it, what have i got to loose?, i will try for at least a month, and see what happens.

heres hoping…

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Personally, I follow Prof Giovannoni’s advice on diet (he of the Barts Blog on MS Research) and here is an article by him setting out the philosophy he suggests to his MS patients.

As I understand it, a well-formulated vegan diet can be nourishing, and some people do well, particularly when young and healthy already. But it takes a fair bit of work and nutritional knowledge and careful tracking of essential nutrients. And judicious supplementation. If you’re a big sports star with a nutritionist on your staff, that’s easy. For normal people, maybe more of a challenge, particularly if you’re no longer young enough to be ablel to get away with pretty much anything.

A person eating meat and/or other animal products has a much easier time because those foods are so dense in nutrients, available in a form easily absorbed by us. So if you don’t want to make a big hobby of it, you’re probably better off eating fish and eggs at least, even if you don’t fancy meat.

I think one potential problem with eating vegan is the temptation ot eat processed rubbish by another name. Processed rubbish is processed rubbish, whether it’s meat-based or comes with a super-trendy vegan label. It’s still the processed food industry trying to make money out of you, and those people are no friends to your health.


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Instead of going vegan, vegetarian, piscatarian (spelling?) I prefer to go whole food.

Brown rice, brown bread. As close to the natural state as possible and nothing processed.

It requires a lot of vegetable peeling but the home made soup I had earlier was ace. A brilliant way of using up veg. I always fancy celery when I see it in the greengrocer’s but it is hard for me to eat these days, however wonderful in soup.

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I know people who went vegan they were so unhealthy always having colds and being tired. no idea why. yet others look amazing on it.

OK my diet is EAT LESS but MORE.

I eat the rainbow everyday. my plate is full of colour and natural foods. No processed no high sugar.

I had a lovely roast dinner yesterday with chicken breast, 1 potato and parsnips, brussells, carrot and swedes, and a dollop of cauliflower cheese lol. small plate. Yum

I eat a lot of fish, with colour veg and sweet potato. I never ever ever eat processed or fried food, ugh.

I have lost a steady weight, feel great in myself. no more sluggish. the point is too one has to factor in are you active or sedentary? If the latter you need to eat less calories.


I eat healthy breakfast i love Kellogg special K immune. thats my breakfast. I have a dark chocolate kako rice cake at 11am with a escafe capochino for my treat. I always eat my main meal at lunch. will be fish, salad or veg, then fruit for after.

supper is simple. pom bear and a low fat low sugar yoghurt. as i am not hungry after my lunch. i know but i am not.

My bloods recently the doctor said was very healthy i have good levels of B12 and vitamin D, and everything else i should have. I take 2000IU of vit d everyday as agreed with my GP.

Oh i don’t drink dairy milk i drink KOKO milk which is fortified with B12 and Vit D. i eat fortified cereals and grains no white stuff for me.

BORING ISN’T IT. but my meals are lush. its not eating too much i find easier to cope with. My bowels are good and regular.

my fridge is full of veg and fruit lol… OH I LOVE smoked salmon yum. with low fat cottage cheese, dark green salad incorporating kale, and spinach, with an avocado.

Oh the one thing you have to look out for is LOW FAT anything with low fat is usually high in sugars.

sometimes for breakfast I have OVERNIGHT OATS.

<big>I have half a cup of oats and add half a cup of koko milk you can either add seeds, bites of stem ginger, dried fruits, or stir in a teaspoon of lemon curd, ginger jam etc...  cover and leave overnight in the fridge. In the morning I add fresh blueberries and Strawberries or any other fruit and a dollop of Greek yogurt and squirt of forest honey. depending on what i have to hand. its LUSH. </big> 

My sister introduced me to that lol.

but a bit fiddly and filling for me but now and then makes a change.

bon appetite.

Hi LDB30 ,

Did you try going vegan , just thought I’d check in , if so , how was it for you did you notice any positive changes??
I hope you’re doing ok :slight_smile:

Hi silver_Queen,
Yes I did it for 10 weeks, without faltering once, but in truth didn’t feel any better what so ever, and because of this I stopped. But had heard very positive responses, but just not for me, had there been , I’d still doing it now :wink:.

At least you tried it and gave it a good try . For myself personally I do find dairy products make my symptoms worse especially my numbness so I do try to limit my consumption.

Stay well :))

I had an interesting discussion with my former GP a few months ago about diet. He’s now just retired, so not a new, young thing with crazy ideas. He reckons that in maybe 20 years time we will be treating most disease by diet. That gut microbiome is key to this, and that we need to be correctly feeding the gut bacteria. This chimes with Tim Spector’s work on the microbiome. No two people are alike, so require different diets. Even identical twins react differently to the same foods, and it is due to them having developed different gut microbiomes.

Most disease comes from inflammation. Much inflammation comes from wrong food (for the individual). Inflammation can be reduced by the right foods (herbs, spices etc)…

I’d be very wary of a vegan diet. It is becoming very fashionable these days. Supermarket shelves are filling up with highly processed vegan ‘fast foods’ that make more traditional processed ‘fast foods’ look comparatively healthy!
Friends of mine have been vegan for many years but have always been very keen cooks and really into whole foods, and the food they eat is generally pretty healthy - lots of different veg, herbs, spices but perhaps an overloading of grains and carbs, and too much seed oils.

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Yup. I’ve had ms for 15 years and been vegan 9. Before, I was relapsing regularly, at least twice a year, but since then I’ve hardly relapsed at all. I swear by a vegan diet. It won’t cure it, but it definitely does something. Of the people at my therapy group, you can definitely tell which ones have a good diet and which ones don’t, as the ones with crap diets full of bacon and stuff are much worse. Just make sure you take vit D and B12 too to make sure you get enough.

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Have a look at the OMS website and recommended diet, it’s essentially being vegan but eating fish. Fish is apparently really good for us and nations such as norway have dramatically fewer MS cases near the coastline than inland (thought to be due to fish consumption).

I had a friend who was totally vegan for a while. She looked awful and lost so much weight. Skin and hair went terrible. She’s started eating fish and being a little less strict in general and she looks so much healthier for it.

Also echo what others have said about vegan foods not necessarily being healthy. Unfortunately lots of supermarket vegan options are highly processed and essentially junk food :confused:

Anybody followed Dr John Macdougalls work? He advocates a starch diet and claims to have achieved great results on both with weight loss and autoimmune diseases.