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Interested to know what, if any, diet people follow and if they feel it helps them.

I’ve been doing the OMS programme but it’s quite strict so not managing to follow it 100%.

TIA, Charlotte

I believe a diet of fresh food can only help improve general health, but doubt it has much impact on MS. No harm in experimenting a bit to find what suits you best.
Which is the best MS diet? - by Gavin Giovannoni (


Really interesting article on the link, thank you :blush:

Depends if you have a dieting objective or not. Weight loss or gain? If staying stable, I would have thought “strictness” is a bit OTT.

I personally would be wary of their diet. Their views on fat (the good and the bad) bothers me right from the start.

However it is beginning to look as if diet and the gut microbiome will in the future, when we understand it better, become the way we successfully treat and prevent illness. Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress appears to be key. However each person’s microbiome is very different and what is inflammatory for one person may not be for another, so very unlikely to be a single perfect diet that suits everyone, but rather a diet tailored for the individual.

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I’m far from being a vegetarian, but I’ve never been much of a meat eater my whole life. I’ve wondered sometimes if that’s why I made it so long with fewer episodes of pain and relapses than most MSers. Other than that, I have a friend who swears by limiting his intake of pasta and bread. My feeling on diet is simply to eat the healthiest foods that you can based on your income and personal taste.

Thanks everyone - really interesting to hear how different people approach it. Lots to think about!