New bout of relapses, MRI, and Treatments?

Hi everyone hope you’re all keeping well.

I’ve had a relapse, first big one since being diagnosed 10 years ago. It’s happened in my left eye I can’t see detail out of it only a blur, I can’t read out of it, I’m writing this with an eyepatch on my left eye it makes reading easier although I’m making spelling mistakes all over the place so writing this on word first. I knew what it was straight away, from being fine to no detail in about 36 hours. I thought it was optic neuritis and went to the eye clinic to get it checked out, no optic neuritis but no doubt its neuropathic, the brain the doc said. Between this and the fatigue I had 6 weeks or so ago I think the MS is active again, sure feels like it anyway.

So I’m going for a MRI in 2 weeks to see what is going on in this brain of mine. It’s my first proper full check-up in 10 years since my diagnosis really. When I was diagnosed I only had 6 lesions that were showing from my 2 MIR’s that I had. I’m a bit apprehensive of what is going to show up this time. So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions to help me focus on my situation and be a bit more prepared for the unpredictable if that’s ok, but only if you want.

When you had a further check-up further down the line from being diagnosed, MRI’s etc… what was the increase in lesions on your scan results?

What sort of DMD’s / DMT’s did you get put on?

Do you find them effective for you?

Has anyone tried any of the trial treatments?

Also I do take my fair share of vitamins, oil capsules and eat healthily, I’ve spent some time in the oxygen chamber etc…

Does anyone take anything specific other than the normal oil supplements I’ve heard they can be beneficial?

Do you go for any other types of treatments?

Massage therapy, transcendental meditation that sort of thing?

I’ve heard that Reiki healing therapy helps with other things anyone tried that?

Thanks for reading and sorry about the amount of questions, just in a bit concerned at the moment.

I really would appreciate any help and advice from your own experience.

Thanks and take care


hi david

i’m sure i replied to this but …

my first MRI must have lit up like blackpool because i got diagnosed with RRMS.

this was the first relapse that i knew of.

i started copaxone and did well on it for 4 years but then my injection sites were very messy so i was switched to tecfidera.

i had the CCSVI procedure and it worked amazingly well but sadly didn’t last longer than 6 months.

i take a multi vitamin/mineral and don’t et much meat.

tried reiki and was passed onto the osteopath because the reiki guy noted that my hips were out of alignment.

i have hyper barric oxygen therapy once a week.

i do mindfulness meditation.

carole x