2nd brain scan result and treatment???! ADVICE PLEASE!!

Hey guys.

Went to my neuro yesterday and he clarified several things.

  1. my eye is getting better altho he said not as fast as he would have wanted ideally. He wants me back in 3 weeks for a check up and to have a visual field test. but he said im on the upward climb recovery wise of ON.

  2. Brain scan wise i ony have 3 new patches which he said he is pleased about.

  3. Treatment wise. He said he is happy for me to wait for a few months and see how i get on. However he said if i have another relapse within a year (which would mean my 3rd one) he would push me onto copaxone much more than he is now. I realllllly dont want to take any of them DMD’S but maybe if god forbid i have another relapse il be like ok yea i should take it.

What are your thoughts on this consultation? Do you think my neuro is right?


No one can make you take dmd but I personally wanted to start them asap, my last but one relapse was 6mnths long,was the final straw for work so they are retiring me,and left me with mobility problems that will remain for ever now.

Please think long and hard as your next relapse may leave you with more than just health issues…we are heading for serious money issues as the mortgage was based on my earnings.

I was only offered the dmds after this relapse so I couldnt feel I should of been doing more.

If it is the fear of injections I started copaxone last Wed and it really is pain free etc for a slight sting for 5 mins afterwards and technique queries that have been answered for me my the lovely people on here.

It is totally your call but please be sure of your decision in your own heart.


thanks hun. Im still obvs in the middle of a relapse so i figure its not logical to make rash decisions now. had optic neuritis for 5 weeks now :frowning: sooooo sad that its taking so long!! Grrrr

If i do take anything first it will prob be this drug called LDN. Not sure if uve heard of it?