New balance exercise that actually seems to be working!!!

I say the nurophyiotherapist at the MS clinic I am treated at.

She gave me two new-to-me exercises to do. The first is a balance exercise and the second a fixed gaze stability exercise.

Balance exercise…
It’s important to learn how to rebalance - instabilty is OK!

  1. Stand with your feet together in the corner of the room (to make you sure you know you won’t fall over sideways and crash to the floor).
  2. While you stand there you need to mulit-task so you’re doing something that stops you focussing on your balance and trying not to fall over. They physio suggested counting backwards from 100 in 7’s.

Fixed gaze stablility…

  1. Fix your gaze on your two thumbs held steady in front of you.
  2. Move your head side to side.
  3. Nudge into your symptoms. In other words, do this until you’ve started to feel something, then stop. Don’t make yourself dizzy! Wtih time it’ll take a bit longer before you start to feel it affecting you.

I have been doing these exercises a few times during the day when I’m not feeling unsteady and dizzy. I started on Tuesday, and I’m already seeing an improvement! I can stand longer counting backwards before I get so unsteady I stop - I get to zeroish now! I found walking easier today. It’s a hot day so I was not expecting it!

I have some hope now that I won’t be housebound holding on the the furniture for the rest of my life :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post Ellen. Its up to us to improve where we can by trial and error and spead the word about what works for us. Will give it a go on Monday. All the best, Peter

If I remember (my brain cells have melted in the heat!) I’ll keep you updated with my balance training!

I have an appointment comming up with the physio and an orthic assesment - I have dodgy feet which affect my walking badly! I never knew that! If that gets helped with exercises and an orthic insole my balance will also be improved. Less pain in my left knee and right hip would be good too!

i’m interested in trying this but the counting backwards in 7’s put me off!

I couldn’t do that counting backwards bit at all when I started! Which apparently shows how much brain (aka nerve) power I was putting into trying to balance. As we train our bodies to balance without thinking about it it gets easier. I still struggle a lot with the counting backwards, but I don’t give up at 80…err…something?

It has to be hard enough so you have to really think about, and totally focus on, it. Especially if you have to use your fingers lol

I tried counting backwards in sevens, but I didn’t get very far. I am now just doing the exercise quoting fives, as I am far less likely to get frustrated. Exercises are great - so far!


I just tried this - only managed to get down to 79 before I tilted and hit the wall. Is that what happens at first - how long could you go when you first started it?

Also, is the looking at thumbs and moving your head to be done standing up as well?

I got to about 79 too at first. It has got better quite quickly!

the thumbs thing I do sitting down. You are supposed to stop when you first ‘feel something’ - which is quite quick for me! It’s not a massive effect, but I have trouble focussing on my fingers so I stop at that point.