Never mind the new year ...

Forget tomorrow and Friday …

Tonight I cooked a celebratory dinner (pan fried salmon, fries, broad beans).
This celebrated 54 years of marriage.
Anyone beat that?



Congratulations -

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congratulations, I am only boy, so looking forward to my 30th wedding anniversary in June.

many happy returns M&N

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Wow, fantastic,many congratulations to you both.

J x

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Congratulations to you both.

Jan x

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Well done to you, and especially to Mrs Geoff. 54 years with the same man is worthy of a special award. I’m coming up to just 11 years of marriage to my lovely husband. But I’ve told him, he’s only got 40 years in total. I don’t think I could cope with a man aged over 100. (Which is what he’d be after 48 years!!) I told him when we met that if he got to 90, he’d have to be replaced by a younger model (chance would be a fine thing)!


Sue x

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Creeping up behind you…44 years in March.

I doubt anyone else would look after me the way my hubby does…and i`m quite expensive to keep!

Congrats you 2!


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Congratulations to you both Geoff.

We’re looking forward to our 25th in March.


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Congratulations Geoff that is some achievement.

ann x

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Congrats Geoff!

We will celebrate our 29th anniversary in March. 54 is a number of yrs to be proud of. Xx

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Congratulations Geoff and Mrs Geoff… We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary a few days b4 Christmas .

H x


Many congrats to you both Dr. Geoff. I’m way behind you having been married for a mere 38 and a half years.

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Congratulations both xx

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