Morning campers.

At the age of 61yrs and 49mnths and having been a confirmed bachelor I finaley succombed and proposed to my partner Pat and of course she excepted.


congratulations hun. I wish you lots of luck - and a sunny day for the wedding.

JBK xx

Congratulations Ronin to you and Pat. All the best.

Cherry x

Congratulations Ronin. Fabulous news

Congratulation to you both, perhaps we could have a cyber party to celebrate. Cheers Ronin I’ll raise a glass or two to you and Pat

Jan x

That is the best news Ronin -especially on such a grey wet monday. You are both special - and deserve all the happiness in the world.



Men do not discover true happiness until they are married, but by then it is too late.


Congratulations Ronin, wishing you both every happiness.


Congratulations to you both!

When is the big day?


Congratulations to both of you!

Rosina x

Great news!

Good luck!

Congratulations…better late than never!

Congratulations to you both.


That is worth a special smiley


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Too late for what? And what about women?

Hopefully she accepted but maybe she did expect it - well done and good luck

hi ronin and pat

that is great news- many congratulations! unless something has changed, you don’t buy a drink all day.

i am sure pat is organised by having something ‘old’, something ‘new’ and something ‘borrowed’, but i can supply a whole load of jokes in case the ‘blue’ hasn’t been covered…!

seriously, have a lovely day and make sure you both get thoroughly spoiled, fluffyollie xx

It’s a man joke sw. It’s not until he got married, that he realised he’d always been happy…I think

congratulations get the champagne out!