Never Knew I was so healthy

I Just filled in the latest MS register questionaire and I answered "No" to all the other conditions it asked about. I've never felt so healthy. Now if it just wasn't for this pesky MS thumbsup



Love it  thumbsup


LoL, yes, I spent a few minutes this evening doing that, as well.

It was "no" to all but asthma, depression, and anxiety, and I'm not sure the latter two weren't a product of MS anyway.  Who wouldn't get depressed and anxious, when they notice they're getting subtly worse at things, but haven't realised why?

Some of the others, I have wondered about over the years, but as I've never been formally diagnosed with them, I couldn't answer "yes".

It's true that if you took my answers at face value, I appear to have few health problems.  Hmmm.  Why do I feel so rubbish?