How Healthy am I?

I just filled in the update of the the MS Register questionaire and answered “no” to a slew of health questions.

In fact if it wasn’t for MS I’d be as fit as a butcher’s dog


Is there actually anything new there this time? I think I’m answering the same surveys over and over, and most of them are mainly focused on whether I’m depressed!

I’m sure I only did it a few weeks ago, and now it’s reminding me I need to update AGAIN. I accept I may have been lucky so far, but I don’t find things change that much on a day-to-day basis, so asking me every six weeks (or so it seems) is overkill.

I’m afraid I put it in the bin without looking this time. Have I missed any exciting new questions, or do they just want to ask the same stuff as the last three or four times - to which my answers would be identical?


Yes I know what you mean, carazy isn’t it, Jean x