Are you getting what you need from health and social care services?

Are you getting what you need from health and social care services?


Just read this on facebook, its a questionnaire about services and support in your area.

It says.

Quick reminder: If you’re a member of the MS Society with MS, you should have recently received a questionnaire from us about MS services and support in your area.

We’d be very grateful if you could fill it in and return to us – your support will help us improve services for people with MS. Thanks for your support!

I’ve been a member for a few years but I didn’t get one, have you and how do I get one ?


Ronin I read it on facebook too and I haven’t seen one either x


yes-filled it in about 2 weeks ago. (kinda,hope they can make out what the scribbles mean!)

ellie x

ps am in scotland-dunno if that makes any difference.


I’ve just received my local branch newsletter (South Lakes) which says the surveys should be sent out early next month.



Hi, funny you should post this just now, as I have just had a visit from a chap doing a disabled services survey, on behalf of DWP/ disability section of the govt.

I had a letter before, asking if i`d like to take part.

The questions included, have I used a disabled facilities grant/how do I feel about my life choices using direct payments/how do I see my future working life, if there is help to get me back to work (hell, Im 60 now, so I dont think thatll happen)/ and other stuff we have to deal with daily.

luv Pollx

Got mine about 2 weeks ago - filled it in and sent it off.

Yep I got mine and sent it back but found problems with it. It only refers to ms, not other illnesses and assumes all msers may want to go back to work? Hello, some of us are carers and are too sick to even contemplate going back to work and like Poll, Im 61 and hoping to retire away from this sh.t. Then it asks about services, well oddly I had a visit from a lady referred to me by social services. Strange that because Ive only ever had dealings with them via phone cos they were too busy. Perhaps theyre catching up on what should have been in place, but are now making out it was all along because theyve made contact?

I find the shole exercise strange because it doesnt take the family situation, nor person as a whole, just snippets assuming one size fits all whereas it doesnt.

Why not ask what improvements to questionnaires should be made to fit most people and ask if assumptions are just that, and do not reflect real life situations.

I added bits which it didnt request because I got so frustrated by its one track fits all senario.



hi bren

just read ur reply.

i agree with what u say. wanted to add,for past 6 months have had contact-but nothing at all for the previous 5 years so my reply wasnt a true picture of what has gone on as they only asked re past year.

re the work issue-its impossible for me! unless there is a job available for someone who cant write their own name,dresses in what she can (its not always suitable for public viewing),bowels and bladder likely to open at any time without warning,make-up? forget it as i couldnt even brush teeth (by myself) for more than a month etc etc etc

BUT they asked me to ‘pop down to the jobcentre’?!


ellie x

sorry for rant! it wasnt til i read ur reply that i remember how silly the questions they asked were.