Neuros letter - Do i have dx?

Hi everyone,

Just after some help again! Finally seeing a proper neuroloigist not a locum. Recieved my copy of his letter to Gp and not really sure what he is actually saying about my MS? This is an extract - any thought welcome!

" The most recent MRI of her head showed the brainstem lesion is no longer enhancing, however it showed one extra area of white matter abnormality close to occipital horn. This is therefore likely to be a demylinating disease and with the episodes of optic neuritis, vertigo, clumsinees and sensory problems there might already be 3 significantlly clinical episodes, and therefore could be diagnosed with relapsing remitting muliple sclerosis. We had a discussion regarding diagnosis and treatments (must have passed out at this point as i dont remeber this happening?!) If futher relapses occur we can pescribe 500mg Dexamethosone orally for 5 days. I will ask MS nurse to be in contact and then we can have a discussion about disease-modifying treatments. I will see her again in 3 months and will write to her regarding her recent lumbar puncture results."

So do i have MS or is likley? Had lumbar puncture 6 days prior to the appt he is writing about, he did not have all results back from LP but said if anything to worry about popped up he would call. Did he get postive MS dx from LP and MRI? I just thought i had been dx and now im unsure!

Please help


I think the line “therefore could be diagnosed with” is not well phrased. I would read it as “therefore meets the critera to be diagnosed with” and therefore as a proper diagnosis (especially given the reference to DMDs) but someone else may disagree. If you are unsure I guess the best thing to do is to speak to your GP or give your neuro’s secretary a call and ask.

But if he told you you had MS in that appointment, I think this letter is consistent, just badly worded.

Karen x

Thank you Karen, iv’e being trying to work it out for days!

He is aconsultant neurologist but as far as i’m aware has no specialism in MS, so maybe thats why he is reluctant to commit?

Or might just be bad wording and im thinking about it all too much!?

Erica x