Neurologist ?

I am thinking of a referral to [removed by admin] at John Radcliffe Hospital and wondered if any of you has any experience of this neurologist ?

Hi Janie, I saw [removed by admin] many years ago when we first moved to Oxfordshire. I remember that she was a little abrupt and her bedside manner was not brilliant. However I think that she is seen as a real expert in MS and I would be very happy to see [removed by admin] again. The only reason I don’t is that I am now Secondary Progressive so have moved to The Centre of Enablement at NOC. Best wishes.x

sorry nope.


Gentle reminder, we don’t facilitate the names of neuros or doctors to be mentioned in threads - please contact each other via PM to discuss this. Oliver

So how do we get a referral to another neuro ?

I’ve seen two now at Morriston Hospital Swansea, and in all honesty I’m really not impressed.

I would like to see someone from a different hospital, someone who can give their own opinion rather than what a small close knit department can like Morriston, if that makes sense.

Hi jactac, Search the private hospitals around you to see who offers an MS consultant. Now look u that consultant and you will almost certainly get their NHS hospital. Now choose the one at a hospital that you can get to easily - after you have checked out the parking. We have just had to get my wife to an “Elderly Medicine” appointment where the nearest carpark (two disabled spaces) to the outpatient clinic was 100 yards up a slope from the clinic. The next nearest was 300 yards away and involved the same slope. Slopes and patients with movement disorders? Geoff

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