Neurologist suspect MS I’m waiting on MRI scan.

I have been having some symptoms for many years.
Firstly headaches
Very bad memory, I can’t get my words out despite knowing what I want to say they just don’t come out.
Followed by numbness in and pain in one side of face. Was told TN. Then told it wasn’t.
Went on to development numbness and tingling in both sides of face and also cold numb, white finger and feet. ( told raynards)
Have now been referred to neurologist whom suspects MS. I honestly had not even thought of this. But since reading the symptoms I have so many symptoms. This has been going on for a number of years.
I have had problems for year with what doctors always said was my gallbladder but I have never had stones when given ultrasound. (Possible ms hug)
I suffer from leaking bladder.
No symptoms that I have that I have only just realised are ms symptoms
I feel like something is crawling on my skin mostly arms. I have leg and stomach spasms. I can actually feel my tomach

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It is good that you have been referred for an MRI scan by your neurologist, and that they are looking into your condition. Hopefully you will get some answers soon.

Hopefully after years of suffer and not knowing you will have some answers. Great that your having an MRI x