Neurologist Help

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good neurologist that I can see privately in North Kent?

Now I know it’s not exactly north Kent, but this man is the best; if he takes private patients?


I’m based in Orpington and see [removed by moderator] at KIngs College Hospital. I initially saw him privately at London Bridge Hospital. Only good things to report!

Just out of interest, should any of the moderators read this…how do you decide which neurologists names can be mentioned publicly on the forums and which can’t? Gavin Giovannoni can stay but whoever was suggested about can’t. I suggest Dr Chataway at Queens Square. Runs a private clinic too.


Also keen for an explanation. My neuro can be easily found from a search of the Ms specialist registers for the hospitals mentioned. He is a well known MS neuro who appears on TV (BBC re launch of Tec) and Shift MS “reporter” pieces. He is involved in the HSCT trials for RRMS on the NHS and was involved in the ocrelizumab trials too I believe - so he is not unknown or without a social media profile. He is also named on the ABN’s latest guidelines for treating MS. He is based in the Trust (KCH - via its relationship with PRU) that looks after North Kent and treats on the NHS and privately so directly relevant to the question. My statement / review related only to my own views of his care at the very highest level. There are no data privacy or GDPR issues here. I did not state he was “the best” or make generalist comments/ recommendation or detail the specifics of my own treatment/ consultations. I did not make any negative or possibly defamatory remarks.

With apologies if that sounded like a rant, I don’t mean it to. Just keen to understand why my post was redacted so I can phrase things better in the future.

For the OP - please Pm me and I’ll happily share details of MS practitioners in North Kent (neuros and nurses) good and bad (at least in my personal experience!)

Hopefully someone will shed some light because surely all is fair in love, war …and neurologists!! Very curious to know why some names are allowed to stay put and others are removed. Unless the neurologists themselves are saying please remove me but I doubt that… perhaps someone other than a moderator knows…

As far as I know, specific names of neurologists aren’t usually allowed. Maybe Dr G is allowed because he is so well known??

He is brilliant and I say that from personal experience as well as the Barts Blog.

But, I don’t think he has a private practice, so it’s a bit pointless his name not being redacted while others are!! Odd.