Neurologist appointment today

Well, it’s finally here after a 6 month wait and suddenly I don’t want to go. I have a list of symptoms ready and I can feel the anxiety rising slowly. My symptoms are very minor compared to some and I suppose i have been able to explain them away until now. Now it is all very real.

I have always been honest and admitted that I’m not really sure if some of my symptoms are real, as in they are real because I can feel them but have I talked or scared myself into feeling them? Do I admit this to the neurologist?

The worst thing I ever did was consult the dreaded Dr Google. I’m sure he / she put some of the symptoms in my head. He must be the only Dr to actually give you symptoms.

Anyway I am ba​bbling a bit now. Any advice would be most welcome at this point.


It’s probably a bit late now, but I would say if the appointment is today, then you lose nothing by going to it and seeing what the neurologist thinks.

You are of course right, Dr Google is crap and could give all of us a whole variety of ailments just by reading symptoms.


Hi I so understand what you are going through, you wait and wait, reading things that upset you and worry about. you want to get the appointment over and done with but scared as well as it might be true and so you don’t want go. Although you can’t not do it as you may need to have the help and the medication. Hope it went well. Did the doctor tell you anything or he will tell you in his letter. Kay

Well, my neurologist was lovely which makes such a difference to how you feel. Listened to everything I said, did the usual tests which I gather are pretty standard. He didn’t see anything that really concerns him but is booking an MRI. He thinks there is another condition that is causing my main symptom. I cannot remember the name of it but have heard of it. He didn’t dismiss the symptoms that I admit maybe anxiety and generally made me feel a lot better and didn’t once make me feel I was wasting his time.

That’s great to hear, a good sign for a good doctor. Having a MRI is very noisy lots of bangs and thumps, sometimes they ask you to bring in some music to play through the headphones, but they didn’t with me. The first one was in a very old MRI and it was really unnerving, my face was very close to the doughnut ring, I just closed my eyes, the second one was a new one and it was a lot better it was quicker too. Maybe that was why they found something. The first one was for them to look at may gallbladder before my operation it was really infected, I ended up in hospital for ten days with an emergency surgery the next day oh hum. That was nearly two years ago. Back to this what else did the neurologist say, any more tests it’s a good feeling that he may know what it is and so is able to have tests to confirm this, hopefully you will get a letter from him to your GP and send one for you. I didn’t understand mine until I came on here and read lots of posts. It took a month for mine, so I know what they are looking for and any follow up that’s needed. Good luck Kay

That’s a good sign, that the neurologist isn’t too concerned, but will do an MRI just to make sure.

As Kay said, the MRI machines are flipping noisy and some people find them quite claustrophobic. I don’t see any point in music while you’re in the machine, the noise just defeats the object. Personally, I find them quite mesmeric, and virtually sleep through them.

The only things I would say is make sure you have no metal on you, this includes bra underwire and catches. And wear warm socks. It can get quite nippy.


I am now doing my usual thing and over thinking things. I was satisfied with what was said at my appointment but now I am questioning what MRI i will have. I think it will only be a brain one as my main symptom was the twitching eyelid. He did acknowledge the fuzzy arm and legs but as the eye is the most constant and what started all of this he is concentrating more on that. I’m hoping that as my constant symptom is the eye a brain MRI will be enough along with the usual tests he did at the appointment, my reflexes etc?