Update following neurologist appt.

Hello, I asked advice a few weeks ago about whether or not to keep the appointment that had been made for me to see a neurologist back when I had symptoms. Most of the symptoms had gone but, after advice from several of you, I decided to keep the appointment which was yesterday. I was fairly sure of how it would go and I was right. The Neurologist said my symptoms point to a neurological issue but what it is he is unable to say. He isn’t worried about me at present but I can go back if the symptoms recur. So, I left his office with my numb, spongy feet, which I have now got used to, and no explanation. “Science cannot explain everything”, he told me. Indeed not. Time will tell whether we will have cause to meet again.

well i’m not lost for words but just stumped as to whether to say congratulations or commiserations!

if you are happy with it, then so am i.

sod it, let’s be happy anyway!

carole x

Thanks Carole. Ha ha. Yes, I am okay with it. Wait and see seems like a sensible course of action. I may never get a recurrence of the other symptoms and, if i do, I know where to go. Helen.