Neurologist appointment day after lumbar puncture

Hi all, I have a neurologist appointment the day after my lumbar puncture, anyone else had this? Both appointments were set up seperately. Will I be well enough to go to the neurologist appointment? I’m not sure how much discomfort I will be in. Will they have access to any of the results from the lumbar puncture? Thanks!

Hi Summer,

When I had a LP it took a number of weeks for the results to be available - I think something has to be cultured. In terms of whether you will be well enough to keep the Neuro appointment… I would have been able to as long as someone else drove me, but then I had no side effects/after effects really other than a headache for a few hours.

Perhaps others will share their own experiences to give you a better idea, as I believe many suffer headache and pain for days afterwards.

But the Neuro appts are so hard to come by aren’t they!!

I had MS nurse appointment the day after LP and was fine. Husband drove. Not even a headache - but I was told to lie flat on back for 24 hours ( bed rest ) this definatly helped to prevent headache from hell plus keeping hydrated.

I’m sorry to say that I had a headache and stiff neck for a few days and I would have struggled to make this appointment. Also I agree that I was told some results wouldn’t be available for a few weeks.