Neuro review

Was at my neuro review today,went well i think.Done all the usual tests,no problems thankfully.He increased my Baclofen by 1and half extra a day,hope it works now.Thing that got me was he wants me to do an MRI in june for some reason.Has me worried,why then?

hi jimmy

are you on a dmd? if so maybe he wants to measure its efficacy.

as for why is it in june - maybe thats the nearest slot.

hope someone more knowledgeable than me comes along soon.

carole x

Carole iv been on gilenya since last year,i think its good are right but i never had an mri when i was on has me worried.Probably just routine.Thanks carole

May98,i had a list of questions for him when i met him and i asked him is gilenya working for me and maybe that was why he ordered MRI.i was v.pushy yesterday,trying to get an answer to everything.I suppose its good hes monitoring me actively but i get scared of what it will show be 4years dx this year,thought i was doing ok but maybe he saw something yesterday…

Thanks may98,he listens to me,i go to him privately so he likes me more because i pay and i have a printout of sx and month by month review.Its scary,my own fault for asking so many questions.I hate MRI,scares me.He said if gilenya wasnt working id go on tysabri so that wouldnt be too bad.I just hope he doesnt say that its progressing yet.Hes from south africa and hes good,im happy with him…Thanks may98…

I know it costs the NHS money for an MRI but I pushed for an MRI scan last year. If you don’t ask you don’t get that’s my view these days, to be assertive but not aggressive. It worked as my mother was with me at the appointment and the neurologist agreed to the scan.

I wish I had asked for DMT’s when I first became very unwell with second relapse . I have had MS for over two years now and i’m not well enough to work. I had delivery of my first DMT this week. Better late than never I guess.

Lenney,its money that we paid in taxes so you might as well get something for it.You gotta get dmt,your neuro should have done so after 1st relapse.I was the same,my dad came with me and my neuro got me on gilenya then.m been assertive,i have my homework done before i go.Im glad you got your DMT now,best of luck with it.Keep believing.