Got my MRI results and neuro appointment

Hello…Met my neuro today and he showed me my MRI results which I took last month and what a fright I got.I saw a big lesion on my brain,he said it was moderately sized but it looked big to me.He said I should go on tysabri now to stop more from happening.I’ve been on Gilenya for 1 and half year and love it,so easy to take but gotta do infusions now.Hope it works and get some bit of a life back in me again.


They know what they are doing jimmy and Tysabri is a great drug. No harm in trying it anyway, no point sitting with Gilenya if it ain’t working for you my friend.

I hope this is the one for you and wish you all the luck in the World with it.

Stay positive and keep smiling :slight_smile:

Thanks spoogle.I hope so too,im positive about it myself but so was i when i started gilenya.Tysabri is supposedly the strongest so im happy with that.Just have to wait now for the paperwork etc to get through. All the best jimmy