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I was at my first Neuro Annual review yesterday and he has said he wants to send me for another MRI. This time they will do two scans one just normally and one when a dye has been injected. Why? Do you think he thinks things are getting worse? It has been a pretty turbulant up and down year.


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It’s not uncommon and is definitely sensible if you’ve had a bad year. The scan with the contrast dye is to look for lesions that are currently active. These are called “enhancing lesions” because the contrast enhances them (makes them visible). I would guess that he is looking to see if you meet the criteria for Tysabri, but I could be wrong - it might simply be to update your records. If you don’t meet the criteria for Tysabri (multiple new lesions and/or enhancing lesions), but have relapsed while on an injectable DMD, then Gilenya should be an option. Hth. Karen x

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Maybe evaluating you for a different kind of treatment, I’d say - or perhaps a first treatment, if you’re not on one already.

It seems he does want to know how active it is (the “dye” shows up current or v. recent activity).

Eligibility for some drugs depends on how active the MS is, so he might be wanting to check if you’d qualify.


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I’m currently on Avonex after copaxone didn’t agree with me. Habing said that it doesn’t seem to be making any difference.

I suppose only time wil tell.

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