Blue dye and MRI scans?

Hi. I have been diagnosed with transverse myletis (2 areas of inflamation on the spine). I have been told by neurologist I have 50/50 chance of being diagnosed with MS. The neurologist told me a brain scan will show which side of the 50/50 I am and how likely it is I have another episode. Anyway  I had the brain MRI on tuesday but they did not do blue dye. I asked about it and they said it had not been ask for by my neurologist. Is this a good sign? last time they did it half way through the mri and I was wondering if the radiologist only does it if they see something and want it maybe they did not see anything? on the other hand maybe they have missed something because they didn't do it?? Whats your experience of MRI's of the brain? I am due to see neurologist next week for results.

There was a thread on here recently about dye/contrast and the radiographer saying that it hadn't been ordered. It seems like it's pretty common and that the likely cause is the radiographer screwing up - there were some annoyed neuro responses when they found out! Of course, maybe your neuro really didn't order contrast.

Sorry, I should explain. The person running the scanner is a radiographer. The person who does the report on the scans is a radiologist; they don't run the scanner. Radiographers don't have the authority or qualifications to actually check images and make decisions about whether or not to do contrast.

Contrast is used to show up "active" lesions - these are the lesions that are actively forming right now. If it is early in a relapse, these can be too small to be visible without using contrast. If your attack started quite a while ago (more than about 6-8 weeks), then you probably wouldn't need contrast.

(If your brain scan shows lesions, then the odds of you developing MS are higher.)


Let us know what happens next week :-)

Karen x