Neuro Appointment

Hi… me again,

I have a neuro appointment booked on Monday and just wanted to see if there was any advice on what i should expect or prepare?

i also wanted to ask, my strange achey, tingly, cold heavy, numb feelings arent usually there when i wake up. Is this the case with MS, if it is that? I also sometimes feels like there are bubbles under my skin and it twitches.

People keep telling me to be positive and hope its something else but MS is all i can see.


hi becca

the neuro will probably want to hear what has been going on for you.

a physical exam maybe walking heel to toe - very difficult with bad balance,

he will discuss the results of your mri and give or not give a diagnosis of ms.

if it isn’t ms make sure he knows that you need to know what is wrong.

also make sure you know what the mri says.

neuro speak is less easy to understand than chinese, russian and martian so ask for it in lay man’s terms.

you can also request a copy of the mri.

you may possibly be offered a choice of dmds and be allocated an ms nurse.

very busy day for you!

good luck

carole x

oh and i meant to say, tell the neuro if you have difficulty in the bath or shower.

you may be referred to occupational therapy who will install grab rails to keep you safe.

also tell about any dodgy bowel or bladder issues because you can be referred to a bladder and bowel clinic.

Hi Carole,

this is literally my first appointment since my visit to a and e on Saturday when MS was mentioned.

i apparently need to see the Neuro first before my MRI.

I’m still getting these weird sensations but they are going over the left side now too. I feel weak but I’m still able to do things at the moment, it almost feels like I’ve lifted weights or something and it’s aching. My eye was blurry but this has been going on for months really. I have also noticed that when I first wake up I don’t have any issues with the feelings until I’m up and about.

i realise I’m at the very start of what could be a long journey I just don’t want to waste any of the time I actually get with the neurologist




You perhaps need to have written down exactly what’s happened to you and when. So list the things that took you to A&E initially. What symptoms you feel you had then and what’s got better and what’s got worse or stayed exactly the same.

Take someone with you to help you remember exactly what is said by the neurologist. It’s so easy to come out of an appointment saying ‘What just happened? What did s/he say?’

Don’t expect to leave the appointment with a diagnosis. Or even such a sweeping statement as was made to you in A&E.

You might be referred for more tests. Or you might be leaving the appointment having been told that there is no apparent neurological deficits upon examination.

Best of luck with the appointment on Monday. Let us know what happens.