Neuro appointment today

Today I have an appointment with a new neuro, or possibly not him, but one of his team. He is an MS specialist. This is the fourth neurologist in the ten years since I was first referred. I haven’t seen one at all for three years.

no 1 was abrupt and disinterested, I felt like he was telling me to go home, sit down and wait for paralysis.

no 2 was a nice chap, also an MS specialist. At least he talked to me, listened to me, and answered my questions. He even arranged an appointment with Ms nurse, physio and OT, but that was the beginning and end of any contact with them. Subsequent appointments consisted of me telling him I’d deteriorated and him telling me he still had nothing to offer me. This entailed a one hundred mile round trip, so I thought I could get that from neuro number one a little over a mile away at my local hospital.

So, I was referred back to my local hospital, where I was assigned neuro no 3, pleasant enough, saw me twice then discharged me as he cant do anything for me, no point wasting his time. I take his point. This was three years ago, so I have no up to date expert medical evidence for my PIP claim.

i rang the MS nurse 25 miles away, who suggested I ask to be referred to another MS specialist, so that’s where we’re going today. It’s a fifty mile round trip and there are horrendous parking problems, but I can’t use public transport to get there.

what am I expecting from this? To be honest, not much, but it’ll bring my records up to date.

The only reason i go once a year to see the ms specialist is to keep me in the system so the ms nurse can help for with DLA/PIP/ESA claims,and for referrals to neuro physio etc, and thats the only reason,luckily its not too far,think its about 10miles at most so not too bad, i would hate it if i had to travel far for what seems like a waste of my time and theirs.

J x