This may sound completely batty - no, I’ve not been on the Christmas brandy - but I do seem to find nettle tea very beneficial for soothing my sensitive bladder.

I had been rummaging on the Internet and found all sorts of information on NF-kappa B, this being a protein within cells which is involved in DNA transcription which seems to be associated with MS pathology.

It turns out that nettle extracts potently inhibit NF-kappa B:

Perhaps I just need something to believe in, but I’m drinking plenty of nettle tea for the apparent bladder benefits alone anyway. Green tea too - I’ve heard good things about its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical person and some may consider me eccentric. I don’t know whether nettle tea is healthy and palatable for everyone.

Happy festive season everyone.

Lapwing I definitely found relief by removing caffeine from my diet. I love tea and as long as I can have it without caffeine I’m happy experimenting with different types. I’ll have a look at your information but Red Bush is another that tastes good either with or without milk.

Cath xx

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I too have now given up caffeine… mainly because it gave me a sort of nervous energy which just exhausted me. (And I loved my coffee… I seem to remember you and I posting about caffeine once before Cath when I was still insisting on drinking it). Anyway I’m now drinking de-caf!

I love red bush tea!!!

A little warning about green tea… it’s a stimulant so don’t drink it in the evening.

Thanks for interesting post Lapwing.

Pat xx

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I love tea, and still drink it, though not as much as I did when I was working from home and could make it for myself.

But I have learned not accept a cup of tea on Ruth’s night off when my carers put me to bed. A recipe for a restless night (plus the fact that they don’t make it just as I like it!)

Kevadams - I’m totally with you - tea really does have to made just the right way!!!

Another of my tea tips / oddities (odditeas?): Jasmine green tea, the scent of which should be enjoyed as you drink - I find it incredibly relaxing and it seems to help the tremor in my left hand. But yes, you are absolutely right about the stimulant effect Pat - I try to discipline myself regarding drinking it after 8pm. But I’m not always very disciplined and end up wide eyed at midnight!

Just to add more information on NF-kappa B in people with PPMS: