Andrographitis a herb that could help my cognitive problems

I have come across a herb that could help to my memory/cognitive problems, it has been sited as the Indian version of Echinacea. I remember many years ago reading that PWMS should not take Echinacea as it boosts the immune system making MS worse. Does anyone know what the feelings are about Echinacea these days? As I don’t want to increase immune system activity! Best wishes Wendy x

This is an extract from a study going on in the US

Andrographolide, a herbal compound with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, can slow brain atrophy and progression of disability in people with non-active progressive multiple sclerosis (PMS), according to results from a Phase 1/2 clinical trial. The study, e is a molecule isolated from the plant species Andrographis paniculata, commonly known as green chiretta, an East Indian herb often used in Chinese medicine. It can be bought online. The compound has emerged as a potential treatment candidate for MS patients, showing an ability to effectively modulate immune system activity. In animal models of multiple sclerosis (MS), andrographolide it shows a number of clinical benefits, including a reduction in inflammation, mitigation of neurotoxicity from microglial cells, decrease in cognitive impairment, and increase in numbers of neurons.

Hi Wendy, although the blurb reads well, I would be wary of taking this herb incase it reacts with any meds you are on, if any.

GPs are reluctant to discuss anything they havent prescribed. Sorry…dont mean to be a wet blanket…but…Maybe someone else will come on who knows about it.


Thanks for the reply Bouds my husband said the same thing, I got really exited when I first read it and yes I’m on plenty of meds that’s why it appealed to me as it’s a well known aid to recovery for colds flus etc. Nice to speak with you again Wendy x



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Im wondering if youve got conjunctivitis. Should speak to GP.


I get this feeling every so often and also feels like something in my eye,when there isn’t and they feel very dry too.Have you tried eye drops.I try them sometimes it and it eases it.

Sorry I’m pretty novice at this how do I put in my words??

Hi Msmetoo

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Hi Wendy …I agree with Poll.Herbs can be bad for you they can have strong side effects and you need to be careful if taking other medication too.

Hi. I agree you should check to make sure you don’t have conjunctivitis or anything in your eyes, but if it’s just an irritation Carbomer eye gel is very good. You can get it at a pharmacy, they don’t sell it in supermarkets. I use it often for that same symptom. Cath