Nerve Test

Hi all, So I’m just getting over a horrendous bout of the flu, it knocked me for six I have never felt anything like it before in my life, still feeling it a bit but coping better with it now. Anyway, on another good note my jelly legs seem to have improved with it! I’m hoping it lasts & it’s not because I’ve been concentrating my self on the flu symptoms & sleeping so much & not getting about that’s brought on the improvement. Fingers crossed its passing for good! I’m due my nerve test on 15th jan & results on 5th feb But if I’m feeling better (no jelly legs & fuzziness in my arms & legs) will it still pick anything up? Is it worth attending if my symptoms do subside? Shall I go back to my GP to see if my plantar reflexes are back or still none existent?! Would they ever come back once gone?! So many questions I have! Haha I hope I’m not just getting carried away with myself as I’m the most “normal” I’ve felt in a long while! I was signed off for another 28 days as of last week but this would mean I could return to work much sooner if things are improving!!! :-))) Or do I need a reality check?! Am being too presumptious?! Do i need a slap?! Haha I’m all ears give me an ear bashing if you think I need one! Merry Christmas To You All Mrs C xx

Hello Mrs C.

Now Im not gonna give you a slap......wouldnt be that cruel!

I think you should keep the appointment for the nerve test.

Your flu probably has nowt to do wi` the improvements in your ms like symptoms.

Your head sounds like mine…won`t shut up and give our over worked brains a rest, eh?

Happy Crimbel.

luv Pollx