nerve pain

Can anyone tell me what they do when woken in the night by really really painful stabbing in the leg that causes it to jump every 10 seconds. This can last all night and the next day and is exhausting. My consultant gave me amitryptaline which helps keep it at bay but when I get it nothing stops it at all as i;s nerve pain and even the strogest pain killers do nothing. Any one else get this??

Hi Simmo,

If it is nerve pain then the amitriptyline should help a bit. Might be worth asking about a differnt pain killer maybe pregablin or gabapentin - have a chat with your nurse or GP.

Best of luck


Like Laura said gabapentin or pregablin can help. In the first instance the doctor will normally write a prescription for gabapentin to try that and see if that works - it’s the cheaper of the two drugs. If that then doesn’t work then they can try you on pregablin. What dose of amitriptyline are you on?